Tale of Two Tacos – Tin & Taco

A taco is so many things now … from carne asada to Korean fusion bulgogi to that dusty Doritos thing at Taco Bell. Here comes my two-part take on two very different taco spots in Downtown Orlando. (Sorry, Gringos Locos – You don’t actually have “taco” in your name, so you’ll have to wait.)

Tin & Taco – Looking at the logo, “tin” is probably the canned craft beers and sodas available at this new spot on W. Washington, but it could also be the metal pans that are used to serve your order. During a weekday lunch, office workers jammed the place.

TIN a frameTIN interior

I did the two-taco deal for $8. One was The Chick Magnet with shredded chicken, salsa fresca, shredded yellow cheese, crumbled cotija cheese, and a creamy cilantro garlic dressing. Taco #2 was The Notorious PIG – shredded pork, craft beer queso, salsa, lettuce, those cheeses, and “Spicy Boom-Boom Sauce.”

TIN tacosTIN ext

Obviously, traditional tacos are not the thing here. I went with the corn tortilla, but other options include a bowl or burrito with rice, bowl or burrito with mixed greens, or everything piled into a bag of Doritos.

I liked the herb/spices in the chicken, but the pork was cooked to mush. For me, adding a sauce on top of stewed meat makes for a gloppy taco, but it might work better with one of the non-taco options. I did like another non-traditional touch. The single corn tortillas have a parmesan-cheese blend grilled into them, which adds flavor and a little structural integrity.

A Tale of Two Tacos – Part II – coming up…