About John Graham

John Graham is the lead writer (and, so far, only writer) for Orlandorama. John would love to make money with this thing, but for now, he’s happy to write about the things in Central Florida that he loves and you should too. (You know it’s actually me writing this, right?)

John has been around video and broadcasting for more than twenty years  – working as a TV reporter, anchor, and host. He’s appeared as a spokesperson on CNN, spun smooth jazz on the radio, and had a hand on producing a few million-view YouTube videos. John has interviewed politicians, celebrities, and Muppets. He has two regional Emmys for travel reporting, multiple Telly awards, and got a free haircut on the set of 1992’s “A League of Their Own.” (John was an extra dressed as a U.S. Navy seaman, but he can’t find himself in the crowd shots … not even on Blu-ray.)

John came to Orlando in 2000 as the wacky morning live reporter at Fox 35 WOFL. That lasted three years, but John stayed. He’s now president/founder of Mosquito County Productions. Central Florida was known as “Mosquito County” before some clever publicist realized that’s not a great way to attract settlers.

If you need a writer, video producer, or host – John’s your guy. (Yep, I am.)