Bartaco Lunch Deal

I’ve been to the Dr. Philipps outpost of tacos-and-cocktails chain bartaco a few times, but always for dinner and drinks. Last week, I stumbled into a solid lunch deal. Ten bucks (I think it was really $9.95 or something) gets your three tacos and a soup or salad. My lunch is the photo. That’s a fish taco, a chorizo taco, a cauliflower taco, and a bowl of pork pasole (Mexican hominy soup.)

The fish taco was hot and crispy. The cauliflower taco is always a favorite, topped with Romesco sauce (red pepper and almonds). The chorizo taco was a little room temp, but only disappointing in comparison to the others. The posole was the surprise of the meal, full of pork shreds and just spicy enough to get your nose running. If you’ve never been, the tacos might look a little small, but three and that soup will fill you up.

It’s a nice little lunch deal, but if you decide to add a freshly-made margarita, just know that’s going to literally double the bill.