Made in Orlando

#BeepBoopisLove Pulse Tribute

A few years back, I co-hosted a movie review show at Central Florida News 13 and Joel Fritzinger was the Senior Director. Makes sense that… Read More >

I Miss Flea World

I will always remember Sunday mornings at Flea World, America’s “largest flea market under one roof.” I’d drive to Sanford, get a giant draft beer… Read More >

Made in Orlando – Ernest Saves Christmas

I’ve been meaning to write about the Ernest movie that was shot around Orlando in the late ‘80s, and this week, I discovered the whole… Read More >

Made in Orlando – Lethal Weapon 3

OK, so most of 1992’s “Lethal Weapon 3” was made in and around Los Angeles, but the building that went boom at the beginning is… Read More >

Filmed in Orlando – Kokomo

“Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh, I wanna take ya…” It’s one of the sloppiest rhymes in pop music, The Beach Boys’ last #1 hit, and the music… Read More >