Coming Soon – Euge Groove & Peter White

For a few years, I worked weekends at WLOQ, Orlando’s smooth jazz station, spieling the same tagline in and out of every talk break, “Smooth Jazz and More, one oh three point one, W-L-O-Q.” The “more” was Billy Joel and Van Morrison. Station owner Herb Gross once called the DJ hotline during my shift to “request” even more Van.┬áThat frequency is now a country station, but there’s an unofficial version of WLOQ still alive at

Euge Groove and Peter White were a huge part of the WLOQ playlist and they’re both coming to Plaza Live on Thursday, August 24, for their White Hot Summer Grooves Tour. If you’re not familiar, here are both guys playing Euge’s “Chillaxin'” live. It’s no Catalina Wine Mixer, but wherever this was shot, you can feel for Euge, trying to pump up the crowd while they’re eating instead of listening. ┬áNo picnic meals at Plaza Live, so Orlando should give its full attention.