Coming Soon – Richard Cheese

It’s a good bet someone is going to bring their kids to the May 19 Richard Cheese show at The Beacham. After all, Richard is on the soundtrack for “The Lego Batman Movie.” Bad idea. First, the show is 18+ and Richard says cusses. Second, grade schoolers generally don’t dig “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” as a Mel Torme pastiche segueing into a U2 samba.

Explaining the obvious, Richard Cheese and his band Lounge Against the Machine do comedy covers – playing hip-hop, pop, punk, metal, and rock with the edges sanded smooth. It’s songs you know in a swanky style your grandparents would enjoy unironically. Here’s almost thirty minutes from a show last year at Orlando House of Blues – running through Outkast, Muse, Drake, Snoop, and Star Wars.

If the videos make you smile, you’ll enjoy the live show. If you’re longtime fans of the band, Richard’s alter ego, Mark Jonathan Davis, has a book coming out in 2018 – “Atlas Lounged: The Music, Martinis, and Madness Behind Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine.” Tickets are still available here.