Rogue Ales Paradise Pucker

I used to write short reviews of beers at Take a look if you want to see some along with rambling tales of odd pop music. I’m going to try reviving these mini-reviews. Some will be beers made in Orlando, but this one is just one I bought here … which kinda counts.

Paradise Pucker is a sour ale flavored with the three fruits that make up the damn delicious POG juice sold in Hawaii – passion fruit, orange (in this case, just the peels), and guava. POG juice was sold in milk bottles and the paper cap inserts eventually became those things you traded with Simpsons and Power Rangers on them.

I noticed some sediment at the bottom, so I shook it up and then put in back in the fridge for ten before opening. Paradise Pucker pours a pale yellow, but so cloudy that you could mistake it for a mimosa. As you’d expect, it’s sour, but more like a dry sparkling wine than some vinegary sours I’ve had. I can’t pick out all three fruit flavors, but it is “fruity” without being perfumy. I definitely get the orange peel on the beer burps.

For a novelty beer, not bad. I could maybe see myself drinking Paradise Pucker again for a brunch of Spam musubi and eggs with Portuguese sausage. A 650 ml bottle of Rogue Ales Paradise Pucker is $7.99 at Total Wine.