Tale of Two Tacos – Taco el Rancho

Part I of this tale is here – my visit to Tin & Taco, the new spot in Downtown Orlando with menu items including Tacosaurus and Notorious PIG. My taco tastes run more to the traditional, so for equal time, we’re headed a few blocks up Orange Avenue.

Tacos el Rancho – The Belle Isle tradition opened a Downtown location about three years ago. Like Tin & Taco, it’s open until 3am on weekends for the drinkers, but I dropped in for lunch, when it’s mostly attorneys and jurors escaping the courthouse.

rancho extrancho int

For $7.99, the two-taco platter includes beans and rice and a single tortilla chip to keep your beans from running up against your tacos. I went with one pork and one chorizo on soft corn tortillas, but you can also do crunchy. They heat up the chorizo for each order, so the counter staff warn you that’ll take a couple extra minutes.

rancho plate2

I went traditional toppings with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and a little non-trad shredded cheese. (You can also add sour cream, if you insist.) The pork is juicy, just fatty enough, and the chorizo has both good texture and spice. I’m that guy who actually eats the beans and rice, and while I miss the magical refried beans from the old Beto’s in Fern Park, these are not just plate filler.

Lengua (beef tongue) is about as exotic as it gets at Tacos el Rancho– which is both a little extra, and if you like pot roast, worth the investment.