That Burger 21 Sauce…

Burger 21 near Mall at Millenia is one of those places that “crafts” burgers. In this case, twenty standard combinations of bun, meat or veggie, and other toppings – plus one that changes. They’re pretty good and a decent value, but I’ll get back to that in a couple paragraphs. What I really want to talk about is one particular Burger 21 sauce – Toasted Marshmallow.

The sauce isn’t even for the burgers, but the sweet potato fries. This stuff is like playing with a splinter. You know you shouldn’t. It hurts a little. You just keep doing it. There’s no recipe online for Burger 21 Toasted Marshmallow sauce, but the allergy warning lists eggs, so I’m guessing we’ve got melted marshmallows and mayonnaise with maybe a little yellow mustard for color and a hint of vinegar.

It’s a strong vanilla flavor and just a little tart, so basically like cream cheese frosting? You think this is ridiculous and awful, but then, you keep eating it. It’s never exactly delicious, but you keep dipping.

OK, back to the burgers… I’ve tried a couple now. The Black & Bleu is a blackened angus beef burger with both bleu cheese sauce and bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun. The Gruyère is the same (unblackened) patty topped with the eponymous cheese, over-easy egg, asparagus, bacon, honey dijon sauce, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun.

They’re juicy and you’ll need a lot of napkins to pick them up and eat them, but they don’t cross over into sloppy and messy either. Other burger patty options include turkey, chicken (grilled and “crispy”), shrimp, tuna, and two kinds of vegetarian patties.

The Mall at Millenia location is the only in Orlando proper, but there are also locations in Lakeland and Ocala. Burger 21 is moving into other states too. The brand comes from the owners of The Melting Pot, which make sense. Fondue was a big ‘70s foodie trend and now in the twenty-teens, it’s fancy burgers.